I give kudos to successful artist! I would never have guessed there is so much more to being an artist than actually just being an artist! it can be stressful, and I'm sure I have just began to experience the beginning of it. I have been painting for about 8 years now, and I can say I have made progress in my journey to becoming a successful artist. by successful I mean that I have a following and that I could actually make a living off of just my art. maybe just maybe, I will be able to stand at the edge of that plank, the one that many artist one day have to stand on, look down at the unknown, the possibilities, the hope of making it, and jump! I work a full time job, so for now I have my safety net, but I often catch myself wondering if it is really a safety net or if it is holding me back from achieving so much more than what I've dreamed possible. only time will tell and until then I will continue to push my skills, and improve. progress is progress, right?

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